Tuesday, November 29, 2011


2 1/2... number of years since my last post. n the age of kid no. 2. she's a talker n very fiesty. don't mess with this kicking, hitting, spitting n biting little beast. lots of time outs. degil, takes after her ayah : D... ibu loves you dina

4... age of this laptop, in regular years... that makes her around 80... she's senile n very moody. maybe it's time to change, where can i get a new but free one?? : D... also the age of kid no.1... 4 that is not 80 tho kid no.1 is senile at times n oh sooo moody : D ibu loves u nura

1... number of "wow" by husband when seeing i'm writing a blog entry

10... number of years in marriage, chot n i : )... i can't think of a romantic meaning gift. i kept thinking just get him a big screen tv. any new, big screen tv i can get for free?? : D

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